Sunday, March 4, 2007

Winter’s Lion

It has been one cold nasty spell here in Wisconsin and throughout the states. How very strange to have thunder and lightening while snowing. Driving is 3 inches of slush is no great delight either.

The folks that didn’t need to go out this past week should have been wise and just stayed home. It was ugly. I am located near the lake as the weathermen say and we do get a great variety of weather that does not apply to the rest of the state.

One of the funny weather events involved a drive to the hospital one morning. The lightening was striking directly into the ground and how I wished I had a camera to capture this most unusual event, since it was also snowing like crazy. When I arrived in the parking lot, my first thought was that Aurora was right on top of things and had the foresight to get out and salt the lot. Foresight is not a usual part of our maintenance team, so why I would think that for even a moment is ludicrous.

What I initially took for salt, was little ice balls, making the trek from the lot into the hospital all that much more treacherous. One of my great fears is falling while “and I can’t get up” echoes in my mind. Yup, must bet getting older with a fear for my hips.

Little old ladies are ladies with broken hips are our frequent Sunday companions in surgery. They go to church and never quite make it home the same day without a stop at the local hospital.

Visions of seed catalogs are dancing in my head these days as the light is now a part of my drive to and from work. I do like that. It gives me hope for spring. I am weary of the darkness, cold, ice, slippery travel, and the numbskulls on the road that haven’t bothered to invest in decent tires event though snow is an annual event in Wisconsin. And of course they feel they own the road and must drive in the left lane and block all the drivers who do know how to drive and plan for the weather.

Even though I no longer commute to Milwaukee daily, it never ceases to amaze me that I can still feel road rage at the other discourteous drivers who feel that they are the only ones on the road and that they own it. In my particular instance, sometimes I hope that it is their relative that is waiting for me in surgery on an emergent basis, while they slow me down with unconscious driving habits.

As usual dear reader, I remain
Fragrantly Yours,