Sunday, May 3, 2009

Newest Soap

This is one of the newest soap to arrive at Patti's Potions. We call it Lavender Love.

This is one of our most complex soaps. It contains our best blend of natural oils, topped with Goat Milk. We've used a blend of Essential Oils to create this lovely fragrance that is very unisex. It includes Lavender 40/42, patchouli, tea tree, & some rose geranium to smooth it all out.

This is one that I would recommend for frequent hand washing, which is especially important today with the reports of swine flu.

How to do this? While lathering up, simply hum or sing a small little song such as Happy Birthday. If you have children, teach them a simple nursery rhyme song like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Make hand washing fun and wash frequently, especially before eating and after using the rest room. Using handmade soaps insure that your skin won't dry out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Week 10 of the Herb Blog Contest

Torchsong Studio will be hosting the 10th and final week of our blog contest.

Maryanne is offering something a little different to close out the contest.

A lead free pewter garden pin with a little glass ladybug charm in the middle and garden tools on either side.

Just comment on this, or any of the other blogs participating for a chance to win one of ten pins to be given away. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A CONTACT email.

Remember all of the blogs below are participating, so visit all of them and post to increase your chances of winning.

The Essential Herbal magazine subscription
Garden Chick - fairy cookie kit
SunRose Aromatics - facial exfoliant and liquid soap
Herbs from the Labyrinth - tea sampler
Patti's Potions - lip balms
PrairieLand Herbs - healing wand
Aquarian Bath - lip balm and soap
The Rosemary House - Bertha Reppert's "Twelve Month Herbal"
Nature's Gift - purse-sized inhalers & inhalation blend
Torchsong Studio Our final contest - check back on May 8 for the list of winners!

Thanks everyone for participating and for playing!