Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've Got Press!

This was an incredibly exciting day for me. I received a copy of Draft Magazine with my Island Wheat Beer Soap featured in their Style section.

The editor had contacted me in August requesting a bar of this soap for a photo shoot. Imagine! I couldn't have been more surprised and gladly sent them a bar of this soap.

I was hopeful that it would be included in the photo shoot but you know how that goes.

Heck, last year at the Harbor Marketplace in Kenosha, we were visited by Discover Wisconsin. The market managers sent them to my booth and they did some extensive photo work, but the day was not nice with much wind.

I eagerly awaited the show and of course told all my relatives when it would be on, but alas, no Patti's Potions was included in the show.

What are my hopes for this you might ask. Success of course and recognition for all the research and development I have put into my product and business.

This particular soap has been a terrific seller for me both at the market and with my wholesale accounts. Needless to say, I'm hoping that this unsolicited press will bring in the orders.

It is made with Island Wheat beer from from Capitol Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin. I'm a stock holder there so certainly have a bias for their fine micro brews.

The beer in the formula adds an extra creaminess to the lather, so you see, beer is not just for breakfast anymore!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Days at the Market

The Kenosha Harbor Marketplace is drawing to a close. I have been a regular vendor there since it all started about six years ago. This year we had to change our location due to construction on the lake front. Initially we had beautiful vistas with green grass and Lake Michigan as our backdrops. We are now placed in front of the museum. While that means less space for our vehicles for set up, we have a longer distance for more vendors.

The museum and the lake front condos also provide a wind break which is a much needed respite. It is still necessary to anchor our canopies yet since there is less wind, the Mary Poppins effect is greatly diminished.

The day dawned quite cold with the temps in the high 30's. Last week it was 90. Whew! What a difference but as awe say here in Wisconsin, stick around it will change, and that it did.

The crowds were down yet there were many familiar faces and many new ones who braved this biting cold. It was a day for sweaters and long johns for those of us who were displaying our wares for the next several hours.

Sales were excellent with many of my repeat customers stocking up for the long winter ahead. That was a good thing for all of us!

The museum is in this last picture. As the day wore on and some of the chill dispersed with the advent of a bit of sunshine, the little kiddies came out and splashed in the fountain.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Beach House

This a fabulous old beach house along the shoreline of Lake Michigan here in Kenosha.

It was a popular gathering place in bygone days. If you put your imagination to work, I'm sure you can see the fashionable folks promenading along the walkways. I still can't quite imagine anyone swimming in this icy lake. Rarely is the temp warm enough.

Today, much of the building is in disrepair and no longer open to the public. I do understand that there is one room that can be rented out for private parties.

Bloggers Challenge

Recently I joined a blogging group with some of my favorite list mates.

We have been challenged to make an everyday type of entry that affects our lives.

This photo is of the Lake Michigan Shoreline. Now, we do have beautiful sandy beaches in addition to breakwaters.

The lake has been low for several years now, but during the high water time, many places along the shore have had to place rip rap to prevent erosion.

The changing lake levels has always been cyclical. As you know, much of the US has been in a drought state. Here in Wisconsin, we have had very light snows in the winter. Oh you wouldn't think so when we are shoveling out after a blizzard. Yet I have memories of my childhood where snow by Thanksgiving was a given and it stuck around until April.

Now you might ask dear reader, why I bring this up as a daily affect in our lives. There is a saying here, "Cooler by the lake". Yes, Lake Michigan does have a moderating effect on our daily climate.

This past Saturday I had a show at a local high school. One of my customers came in and had been looking for me at the lake front where I am a regular vendor at out local market. She said it was so cold down there that she had to go back to her car for a jacket. In contrast, we were sweltering in 90 plus degrees just two miles west.

Our heat wave is now over and more fall like temps are here. That makes me sad but it is easier to sleep now.