Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Days at the Market

The Kenosha Harbor Marketplace is drawing to a close. I have been a regular vendor there since it all started about six years ago. This year we had to change our location due to construction on the lake front. Initially we had beautiful vistas with green grass and Lake Michigan as our backdrops. We are now placed in front of the museum. While that means less space for our vehicles for set up, we have a longer distance for more vendors.

The museum and the lake front condos also provide a wind break which is a much needed respite. It is still necessary to anchor our canopies yet since there is less wind, the Mary Poppins effect is greatly diminished.

The day dawned quite cold with the temps in the high 30's. Last week it was 90. Whew! What a difference but as awe say here in Wisconsin, stick around it will change, and that it did.

The crowds were down yet there were many familiar faces and many new ones who braved this biting cold. It was a day for sweaters and long johns for those of us who were displaying our wares for the next several hours.

Sales were excellent with many of my repeat customers stocking up for the long winter ahead. That was a good thing for all of us!

The museum is in this last picture. As the day wore on and some of the chill dispersed with the advent of a bit of sunshine, the little kiddies came out and splashed in the fountain.

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