Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bloggers Challenge

Recently I joined a blogging group with some of my favorite list mates.

We have been challenged to make an everyday type of entry that affects our lives.

This photo is of the Lake Michigan Shoreline. Now, we do have beautiful sandy beaches in addition to breakwaters.

The lake has been low for several years now, but during the high water time, many places along the shore have had to place rip rap to prevent erosion.

The changing lake levels has always been cyclical. As you know, much of the US has been in a drought state. Here in Wisconsin, we have had very light snows in the winter. Oh you wouldn't think so when we are shoveling out after a blizzard. Yet I have memories of my childhood where snow by Thanksgiving was a given and it stuck around until April.

Now you might ask dear reader, why I bring this up as a daily affect in our lives. There is a saying here, "Cooler by the lake". Yes, Lake Michigan does have a moderating effect on our daily climate.

This past Saturday I had a show at a local high school. One of my customers came in and had been looking for me at the lake front where I am a regular vendor at out local market. She said it was so cold down there that she had to go back to her car for a jacket. In contrast, we were sweltering in 90 plus degrees just two miles west.

Our heat wave is now over and more fall like temps are here. That makes me sad but it is easier to sleep now.

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Herbfarmer said...

Since I am originally from WI (New Berlin)seeing the shoreline of Lake Michigan and remembering those cool fall breezes was a real treat. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.