Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mother's Day is right around the corner and she can be really tough to buy for.

Think about pampering her with a special treat from Patti's Potions Natural soaps.

These great vintage enamelware bowls make a lovely show piece in any room. And it is amazing just how much you can get in it should you wish to make your own gift.

We also have some lovely baskets available which we shrink wrap and finish with a lovely bow to reflect the season.

Wedding Favors

The month of weddings is fast approaching.

We are frequently asked to provide personalized favors for the wedding guest or for a shower prior to the big event.

Now how fun to have a personalized environmentally friendly gift from the bride and groom!

We can do full bars and guest size half bars with your wedding or other special event details on the label.

Of if you wish to save a few dollars, you can do this yourself. We'll be happy to tell you how. There is always an internet special soap on sale!

Make sure your guests smell great and have skin as soft as yours!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Cheese Maker

A very fun day was had recently in Cedarburg, WI.

One of the groups that I'm active in, the Essential Herbal, had a discussion recently on the joys of making your own cheese. In the process of research I discovered that there was a workshop available in this lovely little town. So yes indeed, I had to sign on for the class.

For more information on the workshop, please visit the website http://thecheesemaker.com/
Tell Steve I sent you!

These are some of the pictures from the event that he hosts upon request. The top picture is Steve Shapson, the owner of the cheese maker store. He also sells a variety of home brew and wine making supplies. On the eclectic side, he has surf ware. How is that for unique?

We made some Camembert that was surprisingly easy. The middle picture shows a ripe, ready to eat wheel of Camembert. The one we made in the class is now happily living in it's cheese cave and is producing it's distinctive white bloom that is characteristic of this cheese. Steve tells me that it should be ripe and ready in about 30 days. Yum! I can't wait!

I was in this quaint little town for a benefit to raise awareness for breast cancer. My daughter Erin lives here and she is involved with her local Jr. Women's Club. They sponsored a "wearable" art show and a three mile Awareness walk on Saturday. We really enjoyed our weekend together.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Items on the website

Blogging can certainly be a challenge sometimes. I've had some recent posts that some dastardly cretin was spamming and adding links to a download. This download would automatically install so I've had to delete the entries and make the blog protected from these undesirables. Yes, it is a cross to bear.

I love to show off some of my mother's newest designs for her hand knit washcloths that are made of 100% cotton. These pictures are just some of the ones she has made available.

Mom likes to tell me she makes these cloths to feel "useful" and that the knitting keeps her hands nimble and strong. I'm certain that it does help her hands but she is always useful in more ways than just her contribution to my business. Thank you Mom for all of your hard work.

SM from Maryland is one of her best customers and has this to say about Mom's work:

"HEHEHE... well... tell your mom... there will be no set-adrift icebergs in her future...AND when her hands give out on her and she can no longer crochet/knit... then she will be revered and respected as the "elder of the tribe" and her wisdom will be sought by those who have not journeyed as far on the trail of life as she has....

Funny, how the elderly have these perceptions of being "allowed only if they're useful". AND (for me anyway).. purchases of those cloths happen BECAUSE she's your mom... Like I said, magic to magic... hers to yours.. it just heightens your Oh so very aptly named "potions"...
And sap (sometimes to the point of maudlin) that I am, I have a soft place in my heart for the crafts and skills of generations that have come before us... and those who still practice their "arts"... if ya know what I mean. What a treasured piece of history they are.. even more so when they "share" their skills.. y'kno??
My own mother was very gifted with crocheting... yet somehow her talents were never shared... sooo many stunning pieces of art Mich and I came across after she passed... broke my heart. (all I keep telling myself is Karma...karma will happen for ALL of us threefold). I have memories of being a wee child asking her to teach me to crochet... alas... never happened.. I ended up teaching myself when I was grown... sooo... I've studied these things hehehe... your mom sharing her gift/magic... will have big karmas.."

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Some years ago we sold our house out in Waterford and the new owners decided to build a new one on the property. The new house takes up most of the lot now. They did keep the boathouse which now looks like a small play house. It's all kind of sad to see the old times and so many of the memories fade as progress marches on.