Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sexy Soap

The latest addition to my soap line is "SEXY".

I have to tell you what a sleeper this fragrance was in the bottle. I took a whiff and thought, "Oh that's nice." I wasn't rocked by it though.

This is a fragrance from my favorite supplier, Lezlee Williams at Simple Soothings. She consistently has the best fragrances and this one was always highly praised so figured it was time to give it a try.

I make the soap, cut it the next day and put it on the drying rack to cure. I pretty much forget about it for a couple of weeks then revisit it to see and smell the progress. In cold process soaps, fragrances do change. Early conclusions can be invalid.

After four weeks it is time to test and trim and do the final prep for sale. What a huge surprise this soap turned out to be. First, it changed color to this lovely rich tan. Then the aroma hit me and I was amazed. What was wimpy in the bottle developed into this rich, deep, haunting, and very sexy fragrance.

Love my morning shower!!