Friday, January 5, 2007

My Day Job

I am often times asked just how got into the beauty business and am I a chemist.

The answer to this could lead to a long dissertation on where I come from, which by the way is Glidden, Wisconsin in the north-central part of the state. My family owned a town pub but we moved to the southeastern part of the state when I was around five years old.

Waterford was home to me for the majority of my life but I have been a Kenosha resident for about eight years now.

I worked in surgery at St. Luke's Aurora in Milwaukee as a surgical technologist/surgical assistant for over twenty years. No, I’m not a surgeon and I’m not a nurse. I do carry other titles and certifications but that’s for another day. Currently I’m employed at the Aurora Kenosha campus in the same capacity. Some days I hand the instruments during surgery and others I’m the first assistant and ask for them.

Years ago St. Luke’s had a surgical residency program and when it was discontinued, the doctors selected certain techs to learn the role of the residents in the first assist position. I’m part of that original group which dates back to the mid-eighties. Oh my gosh but wasn’t that a long time ago!!

The adjacent pictures show me assisting on a total knee replacement surgery. Some days we have to wear the space suits. Pretty wild & crazy hey? And that my dear readers is my day job. I work in all specialties but am the resident "neuro" queen doing the majority of the "big backs". What I don't do much of is orthopedics and rarely now do I do eyes. I did plenty of that at the big house with the retinal guys.

We do all the big cases at the little Aurora house in Kenosha except for open hearts and craniotomies and I'm the only one left that has a background in those cases. I serve as a resource person to all my colleagues.

And that is the day job. It pays the bills until such a time that my business can sustain me.

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