Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things to Be Thankful For

Recently I received this wonderful customer appreciation letter and wanted to share it with all of you.

Here it is in it's entirety:

Hi Patti,
I just had to take a few moments and let you know how a small ripple in a pond can really spread out. My daughter called me last night and told me how she took time on her lunch break (something she hardly ever does) and explored your website a bit and found herself ordering a couple of gift baskets for her co-workers and some soaps for herself.

It tickled me because this child (now 27) so gave me that suspicious "what are you trying to pawn off on me now Mom" look when I gave her one of your soaps a few weeks ago. This child has always had problem skin and since being out of the "nest" so to speak, has spent quite a bit of $$ buying skin care products.

I never thought she'd switch to something so simple as a natural soap... but switch she did, very quickly and you really ought to hear her now going into the virtues of natural soap, staying away from the chemical additives (which she paid dearly for before)..

First of all, thank you for taking the time on your website and giving an education about soaps, WHY natural is better over processed and going into the healing properties of the different ingredients you use. I find it interesting how such information that was probably readily available 2 generations ago got lost or put aside as the industrial age marched on -- so again, thank you for making this information available for us again -- a lot of other soap sites just tend to stay on the selling end of it.
Anyway, getting back to the my daughter pointed out to me... that the natural soaps are this tiny bit of luxury you can give to a female (or male) friend, particularly someone difficult to buy for. And as I am discovering, the small gifts I have given to those I care about have created that ever expanding ripple effect to their friends and acquaintances.

My co-workers (who again, would never even think of buying an artisan soap) are RAVING about their gifts and I am sure, when their supplies run low, they will be poking around your site looking for more -- creating more ripples and waves as they recommend to their friends...

I had to chuckle when I read my sister Michelle's comments on the web.. I can really see her doing that kind of thing (telling everyone about her back heheh).. and she's absolutely correct in that she's a walking billboard for your products (she tells me now, "We just LOVE Patti")... It's as though we know you personally (because you do take that time and add your personal touch to things) and you've become "our new best friend".

She also tells me that she would have NEVER tried that kind of product before -- never even thought of it before unless/until I actually GAVE her a bar of the soap and told her to at least TRY it.(She ROLLED her eyes last summer on vacation when I splurged and bought someone else's soap).. now she's hooked (and she DOES have horrible problems with her skin -- or should I use past tense on that?hehehe)..
Business folks tend to get a TON of feedback when their products or services aren't up to par. I felt you should hear more of the details of just how "special" your soaps are and how much I am enjoying watching the ripples spread ever so wide as your soaps and lotions touch more and more lives...

We live in a computer age, and it is so very easy to communicate and touch someone else's life hundreds of miles away in almost an instant. All of my co-workers work in a cyber-atmosphere and we are physically spread across the entire continent. The emails getting passed now during the work day discuss the properties of your soaps and just how lovely they are -- more ripples -- I am pleased to see the ripples spread (specially with the previous "hard sells") -- and I'm sure it will turn into more well deserved $ business for your website.

I really did mean what I said about getting such lovely energies every time I visit your site. It is very evident how much time, effort, and love you've put into your business. Blessings on you my dear.

Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us and helping us get back to our roots, which truly is nature based.. Meanwhile, I'm going to watch the ripples spread even further -- now they're in Massachusetts, MD, New York, and Missouri... and probably spreading now into NH and Maine.. heheh.
Well, that's it.. Kudos to you.. and now I really do have to take a work break.
Suzanne Minnick

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