Saturday, January 19, 2008

Apres Ski

Of course there is nothing quite as lovely as soaking in the hot tub after a day of skiing.

My nephew Chris has been a regular on our ski trips. He is our token male and just loves all the attention he gets from his pseudo aunties. This picture of him and his mom Brigid was taken about three years ago at our condo in Breckenridge. I think he was about three years old when he was introduced to skiing and is now quite accomplished as an almost teenager. He leaves us in the powder as he sails across the snow with boards attached as an extension to his feet. You would swear he was born with skis!

You can choose to gripe about winter or you can embrace what nature offers with some enhancements from man to tame the mountains.

When my dear friends get back they will regale me with stories of how they conquered the mountain this year and of course make me miserable looking at the great pictures of the time I didn't go!

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