Thursday, February 28, 2008

Natural Cleaners

At the Essential Herbal yahoo group, we have been challenged to share our natural cleaning products.

My all time favorite is this simple, all purpose cleaner made with vinegar and ammonia. I use it on windows, counter tops, floors and just about everything but wood.

To a half gallon of warm water, add:
1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup ammonia

I prefer to use rubber gloves on my hands.
Use a 100% cotton wash rag and apply to the window or surface.
If you are washing windows, try using a squeegee or newspaper to wipe the solution off for a finish that is streak-free.

If you have previously used a commercial spray product for washing your windows you will find that there is usually some type of film left behind, so it may take two washings to complete rid the pane of the residue. No residue is left behind with the vinegar and ammonia.

It works great on car windows and interiors.

The smell dissipates rapidly and you are left with a nice clean smell.

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