Thursday, February 28, 2008

Returning Soaps for Patti's Potions

I've been very busy in the studio now that I've finished my taxes. It sure is good to have that ordeal over for yet another year.

There have been some soap fragrances that were introduced in recent years that were very popular. Summer Solstice and Lilac have been favorites for folks of all ages. Now you would think it would be easy to find great fragrances that behave well and have great scent. That is not the case.

I've tried several lilac fragrance oils and this one that I offer is just the best out there! It is just like sticking your nose in an old fashioned and very fragrant lilac bush! How wonderful is that! This is not the cloying smell that you get from those horrid air fresheners that just smell fake and very chemical. Ick to that I say! I want the real thing and this is it.

Summer Solstice is a fragrance that my customers just fell in love with and were really unhappy when I ran out. But hey, I always have to test the market to see how a new one holds up over time. This one is just clean and fresh, not floral or spicy. Everyone loves it!

If you skin is suffering from winter dryness, then try our soothing lavender and oatmeal soap. It is made with organic oatmeal and a pure lavender essential oil.

All the soaps have an olive oil base and are enriched with shea butter and jojoba for the best in a moisturizing handmade artisan soap.

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