Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spring Break 2007

Last year, 2007, I joined my sister Brigid and nephew Chris Moore for spring break. Chris is one happy 12 year old!

We spent three days in Oahu and three in Maui. Honolulu is a huge city with over 70% of all the island population located here. It is a mass of high rise buildings. Our beach view was eclipsed by this.

This is a view from the window of the airplane of Diamond Head Crater.

We visited the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. My Dad was there during WWII and I was humbled.

The little fellow in the sand was just too cute!
We found this fun little crabbie on a sea wall.
The view from the whale sighting trip of Honolulu gives you an idea of how concentrated the population is on Oahu. We did some snorkeling in Honauma Bay during low tide.

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